Welcome To Kuching Travel Guide

Welcome to Kuching Travel Guide! I hope this simple Kuching travel guide will help you in planning your Kuching’s trip soon. Basically “Kuching”, in Malay, means cat, so Sarawakian always refer Kuching as “Cat’s City”. But don’t get it wrong, it just like a nickname, doesn’t mean Kuching has lots of cat wandering around the city. Just like Singapore, which always been referred as Lion’s City, does it means that lots of lion hanging around in Singapore?

Kuching is a capital of Sarawak, & also a main gateway for travelers to start their journey to the entire Sarawak. If you are planning to travel the entire Sarawak, you can always start from Kuching & end your Sarawak expedition in Miri, which is the second most developed city in Sarawak, after Kuching.

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